"Haunting melodies and catchy phrases clearly set her apart from the "coffee-shop band" stereotype...this musician can electrify or transfix an audience with her words and melodies..." - Rory Dowd, Reno News & Review

Hottest new sound

Kung Fu Sophie revitalizes the genre.Her stylistic approach gives birth to a unique brand all her own and is one of the freshest sounds I’ve heard hit the scene in years. Her sexy soulful voice, in concert with witty lyrics, single-handedly brings music back to it roots as a story telling medium. This live CD is an absolute must have. - Chad Rock, Editor E! News

Love this CD!

I absolutely love this CD! Sophie has such a beautiful voice and quirky view of the world and relationships. I hope she comes to Atlanta and puts out a new CD. I do have to say that the photo of Sophie's vocal cords on the inside of the CD case freaked me out at first but it is very creative! - Donna

refreshingly great!

this album will put a smile on your face. i can't go a day without listening to sophie sing! Listen to sophie and the probiotics' cd baby and see the world in sophie vision!!! - nv kinder

moody, silly and dreamy

This is a very promising first release from Sophie. It really captures the moodiness, cleverness and humor of her writing and arrangments. At times there is some loose playing from the live performances, but her compositional skills clearly shine through. The studio recording of "Train Song" is flippin genius! - Tom Gordon

Not to be redundant, but Train Song is fantastic. Sophie has a real talent for creating eloquent and thoughtful lyrics that you won't forget. The whole cd is fun and thought-provoking with equally brilliant lyrics and song writing as well as a beautiful, memorable voice. Go Sophie! - Bridget

Surprisingly good

I admit I didn't expect Sophie to as talented a musician as she demonstrates on this album. Worth listening to. - Steve Midgley

Sultry 50's pop meets punk jazz

Gorgeously intense performer. - Stoney

Love it to pieces

Sophie and the Probiotics rock my world! I especially love Poo Boy and the Train Song. She's got a sound all her own and original lyrics, too! I love it! When's the next cd coming out? - Andrea Fuhrel

Lyrical and hysterical at the same time

Sophie's ability to capture the moment is a rare gift. Her songs are not only amazingly lyrical and sometimes haunting, but can be hysterically funny as well. If you get the chance to see her live, run do not walk to that venue. I promise, you won't be disappointed. - Kelly Williams

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