New Planet Discovered! Oh wait, it's just Kung Fu Sophie's kidney stone...

Is it the hand of God embracing the creation of a new celestial body? ...oh wait... No, it's just a stone that grew and grew inside my kidney for over a year until it reached nearly 5mm, then made it's excruciating way down and out in April 2014. At least the jagged edges came off and passed separately over the course of a few weeks beforehand...thanks to drinking gallons of lemon water.

Welcome to the world, you. Shall I make you a bonnet?

So...the fourth (but not final) stone hath passed and is no longer with us. We spent so much time together and it taught me so many valuable lessons I will never forget. There are still more awaiting a similar trek but I'm told they're smaller. I s'pose that should be reassuring.

For the morbidly curious who revel in grotesque intrigue, here are more photos below for good measure. I could not help but document - I was in awe of this large, rock-like mass that hath passed through the tiny corridor of my ureter (the narrow, organic tube that was only meant to accommodate fluids).

Who knew a person could be a boulder factory?


 Wish me luck that the rest of them make haste and are not photograph worthy.


[April 2014]


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