Froggie Photo Find: Winners & Honorable Mentions

~*~ Congratulations to Greg of Reno!! ~*~


~*~ Congratulations to James C. of Reno!! ~*~

I decided to create 2 categories: One for best "eyeballing it" entries, and the other for circled frog photo entries. Greg submitted a very prompt eyeballing it entry of 24 frogs! James submitted a photo entry nearly identical to mine, with 25 frogs! You can view the photo entries below. The prize is a personalized music video for each of you [Watch Prize Videos Here!].

My Answer Key is posted below, in which I have circled 22 certain frogs in red, and 4 more possible frogs in pink, for a grand total of 26 frogs. The photo and my answers were generated last year, so there was no fishy business here. Only serious frog business. 


James C. winning photo entry:

Honorable mentions: 

Neil R. for the in-the-nick-of-time entry (18 frogs):

Neil R. frog entry

Oscar B. for the neatest entry - perfect circles (16 frogs):

Jay G. for spotting Miss Piggy & Kermit - amazing!

Chad R. for the clever and hiLaRiouS Frogological Study shown below...


Thank you for playing the Fun Froggie Photo Find game!

Chad Rock of Luminescent Pictures LLC went way outside of the box and "digitally enhanced" the original photo, now hereby known as the Frogological Study, which is full of all kinds of amazing phenomena! I can't believe I missed Amelia Earhart, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot and more! ;-)

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