Flashback Friday - Ladies in the Park 2001

September 9th, 2001 

Here's my old band - Sophie and the Probiotics™ - playing the Ladies in the Park music festival at Wingfield Park in Reno, Nevada. Back in 2001, hardly anyone knew what probiotics were. Here's a blurb on what inspired the band name (click here). My grandmother took these photos; she passed away in 2012. This was the first time she had ever seen me/us perform; this was also the first time my dad had ever heard me sing. It was a scarey and ultimately cool day...

From left: Neil Greene on guitar & BG's, Andrew Dicus aka Spaceboy on drums & BG's, moiself on the longhorn bass guitar & lead vocals. I still have that bass and amp - it's a genuine vintage Ampeg flip-top tube bass amp on the far right.


From left: Andrew Dicus aka Spaceboy on drums, Sophie Ralston aka Kung Fu Sophie on acoustic guitar, Neil Greene on electric guitar.

The blonde lady in the purple shirt was sitting in the front row of the decently-sized crowd. It was a great audience, but this lady in purple was awesome. She was so engaged the whole set. When we finished playing the audience gave us a nice round of applause. Then she stood up and started clapping and shouted some very complimentary words to us. She then proceded to turn to the rest of the audience and motioned her arms upward a few times, egging them on to give us a second round of applause. My boyfriend at the time, who was also in the crowd, said to me later, "You paid her to do that!" No, I didn't. It was just an awesome moment: Thank you awesome lady in the purple shirt!! You made our day!! Here's an article clipping from Reno News & Review by Jason Kellner about the show...scroll down to the red stars if you want to jump to the chase:

RN&R Article re Ladies in the Park music festival



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