Gift Ideas - No, not my music ;-)

If you're a last minute shopper or just feeling generous and awesome, I want to share some gift and donation ideas with you...

Damian & Co. - No One Fights Alone - Damian is Robert Finn's son (my old bassist and friend). Damian is ten years old and fighting a recurrence of cancer. Buying this T-shirt or Sweatshirt will help his family pay for medical expenses. Read more about Damian here.

African Wildlife Foundation - Make a donation for Africa's endangered wildlife! I especially like that this organization doesn't manufacture any plushy toys or materialistic stuff. Their focus is on-the-ground methods of conservation, preservation, and fighting poaching. They even train sniffer-dogs to suss out illegal ivory, etc.!

The Note-Ables - Make a donation to this local organization and "create lasting change in the lives of people of all abilities through music". Kung Fu Sophie ♥ the Note-Ables!

World Wildlife Fund - Adopt an endangered species in someone's name. These are fun because your recipient can see their name in lights on a certificate of adoption online and/or in print.

There are so many wonderful gifts that don't require oodles of wrapping paper, packaging, or shipping! You can find more here: Do-Goods


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